McCullough Corp. is a premier surplus broker focusing on three areas:

  • Foam – primarily closed cell foam in rolls, sheet goods, and buns. Also available, neoprene blend materials.
  • Industrial surplus including pallet racking, conveyor, tools, and machinery
  • Consumer products – don’t look for the usual items here. If it’s different and unusual, we’ll try and sell it.

McCullough Corp. represents a second generation in the surplus business. We’ve been around for a long time because we have a well deserved reputation for selling good products at fair prices with good service. If you need references on us we’ll be happy to provide them.

If we don’t have what you want — ask. We have lots of great stuff offered to us every day and we can often get what you need.

Got something to sell or a factory to clear out? Talk to us. We can help you sell your unwanted goods.


Have we got a bunch of closed cell foam deals that will knock your socks off.  Call quick or you will miss them.

New Deal 
We have 82 rolls of prime 4# density 1/8” x 60” x 600’ black  with fire proof and the foam is Halogenated.  They paid a lot of money for this material but their loss is going to be your gain. They want to move it fast.  This is about 11/2 truckloads.  FOB is Michigan .

Deal 1.  80 rolls of 3/8” x 60” x 200’ 2 #   royal blue color first quality goods (a customer ordered but never used)  FOB PA.  full truckload just $12,000. There was more originally that sold for over $250 roll but they are tired of looking at this stuff.

Deal 2.  3 truckloads of starts and stops rolls.  This is from the top cross link factory in the USA.  Roll thicknesses range from 1/8 to about 3/4″.  Mostly 60” wide. Mostly 2# . Can’t choose anything specific.  You are just getting a full, full truckload.  Can’t advertise the price so call me for the fact$.

Deal 3. Color Me Purple.  1,000 sheets of Royal Purple Foam Sheets  3/4″x 44” x 56”. If you know a school that’s colors are purple we can make stadium cushions for them or just sell the foam.  (I have been told that the Univ. of Evansville and Tennessee Tech both use purple so if you have contacts there call them.  Asking $ 14 per sheet

Deal 4.   Regular on-going truckloads of second quality rolls of another famous manufacture.  There will be thinner stuff on these loads like 1/16” to 1/8”  1/4”  maybe some thicker.
Once again we can’t say the name out loud but its one of the “Big Boys”.  Call for details

Deal 5. Buns…truckloads of buns.  They come in 2 categories 2 to 3 pound  and 3 pound and higher.  We have several different sources.  Want some…you’ll have to get in line as they go fast.   And they are getting tougher to get because the manufacturers are improving their quality control standards constantly.
Right now we could deliver 5 or more truckloads of second quality buns.  All are 2 pound density.

Deal 6.  Skins.  We can’t get rid of them fast enough to satisfy our factories.  Take a bunch and we sell the cheap.  Got some loads of really colorful skins—great for wrapping products and making them look good.

Deal 7.  We are being asked to help some of the neoprene blend manufacturers move their seconds.  If you are interested in this kind of material call us and lets see if we can’t help you.

Deal 8.  How about 28,875 board feet of 1.2# Ether, charcoal color.  3” x 54” x 50’ rolls.  These folks have some other goodies but we haven’t been given a price yet.

Deal of the day.  No idea what it is yet but we get offers every day so if you need something call.  We can probably help.  And if you got excess to get rid of send  us the inventory and some idea of what you want for it and we will try and get rid of it for you.




McCullough Corp. — Surplus Brokers & Garage Sale Experts

Clearing out warehouses loaded with pallets of outdated, useless and unknown material is sort of like having a giant garage sale.

We are SURPLUS BROKERS. Our job is to get rid of the “STUFF” clogging your warehouse and wasting your money. It’s like a garage sale, except we use a combination of media including telemarketing, Internet and print to present your products to our customers and prospects.

We present all offers, so you can decide if the sale is right. We handle all transaction details including payments, transportation and logistics.

Call today. Tell us about the “STUFF” in your warehouse, or just ask for our references.

Stan Meretsky, President


The inventory reports tell you. Your managers tell you. Your logistics experts complain. Your warehouse people are tipping over it and constantly moving it around.

Your financial bean counters carry it on the books at an unrealistic value. The big boss says save it cause one day it will come in handy and its worth every penny we paid for it.

Your company is wasting at least $100 per pallet per year (or more — up to $250 for the real high cost operations) just for the pleasure of having it sit on your shelves and gathering dust.

You are in big need of more warehouse space for new high profit, fast selling merchandise. Do you clean out the dead stuff or do you just add more space.

And your garbage people tell you its going to cost $400/500/600 maybe a $1000 just to throw it away.

Is it worth anything? You paid $100 for it 2 or 3 or 4 or more years ago–now you’ll take $50. Don’t let me insult you, but it might only be worth a buck or two today. Should you scrap it? Maybe–with the scrap price of metals and plastics, it might be the right thing to do.

Who do we call? Easy. Call McCullough Corp. 248-646-6195.

How does McCullough Corp. know what its worth? How do we get rid of merchandise? What are the financial aspects?


You provide us with an inventory of what you have and some idea of the original selling price or wholesale value. We will give you a quick idea if there is a market for it and what we might reasonable expect to hear.

We have 1,000 names in our regular data base of customers, prospects and a wide assortment of contacts. With the information on your product we begin to contact those companies that we think are prospects for the items. Rarely do we get answers quickly and more.

But we keep following up and listening for suggestions and comments on what a product is worth and pushing for offers. When we get an offer, we present it to you and it will be up to you to decide to accept or reject it. We will already have calculated our percentage in what we offer you.

If you accept it, we take care of all financial arrangements, shipping, payments and problems. If you reject the offer, we keep looking for customers. In today’s market place it takes many weeks to find a customer and complete the sale.

As always we will listen to all reasonable offers.
All items sold as is where is.
All items sold subject to prior sale.
All inventory counts subject to final correction.
As brokers all offers subject to final acceptance by our suppliers.
All prices subject to change.

E-mail us at [email protected]

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